Quality Control Specialist

The BIG Picture – The Quality Control Specialist (QC) need to be sharp, detailed and focused. Able to communicate exceptionally well (spoken and written), manage time precisely, be extremely independent and have the “can do” attitude. Dealing with sensitive and confidential information, integrity and professionalism is everything. Strictly following the SOPs and guidelines set and ensuring everyone else does too is extremely important.

  • Reporting to Assistant Manager QC
  • Accountable for your own work output and quality of work

· Quality Control of reports going to clients (to ensure that the verifications are properly conducted with the relevant parties and the reports are well written and explained, factual and beneficial to the client).

· Monitor and train/coach Verification Specialist Personnel on providing an accurate report (in their methods of verification, manner of verification requests via email or phone call, improve their written and spoken skills to ensure professionalism and zero errors in the whole process)

· Reporting on a weekly and monthly basis as required to the direct reporting supervisor.